Monday, 3 August 2015

Tips for completing the Watercolor Wishes Kit

1. Do all the stamping first using one colour at a time. It saves times cleaning the stamps

2. Choise sentiments you know you will use rather than those suggested. Mix it up.

3. Test out the stamps on scrap paper first

4. Use a stamping May for a cleaner stamped image

5. The ink spots work best if you apply the ink to the stamp instead of the other way round

6. The acrylic block provided is ok but for the very small stamps be careful not to wobble!

7. If you make a mistake like I did don't worry, leave it until the end and use the spare embellishments to hide it as I did here

This is how it should have looked but I made a mess stamping the hello so did this to disguise it

Who would have guessed?

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