Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Simple Card Designs

I have been following Connie Stewarts Flash Card Series on You Tube and decided I could interpret her ideas for the European cardstock sizes. Her basic idea is that in addition to card blanks it is possible to create simple card using 2 pieces of (in this case) A4 cardstock. These are cut to create a base and a mat.

The photograph above shows 4 ways of cutting and folding pieces of A4 to create different card bases. One piece of card is cut in half on the long side and the other on the short side. I used Rich Razzleberry.

For the mount cardstock I used Summer Starfruit. This was cut as shown. On the short side the card was cut at 20 cms. The small piece was discarded. The large piece was then cut in half at 10 cms to create two equal  parts. These two pieces were then each cut at 7cms wide increments. This creates 8 pieces each measuring 10x7 cms. These pieces become the mats for the 8 neutral pieces.

Next take a neutral piece of A4 cardstock I used Whisper White.

On the short the short side this was cut at 19 cms. This piece was discarded. The remaining piece is then cut in half along the short side at 9.5 cms and then cut across at 6.5 cm intervals. You should end up with 8 pieces measuring 9.5 x 6.5.

Mount them as shown in the photograph.

These can then be added to the card bases.

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